About Black Creatives Japan

Black Creatives Japan (BCJ) is a support collective that encourages and promotes the artistic talents of individuals of the African Diaspora that have an interest in visiting, living or are currently residing in Japan.

Initially constructed as a Facebook group in 2015 by founding member, Ayana Wyse, the group hoped to follow the rise of notable hashtags, such as #BlackExcellence and #SupportBlackBusinesses that were gaining popularity in the US, UK and some African countries, as there seemed to be no internet hub for those living in the Far East. Since then, our circle has done that and more, having grown considerably in its number of members as well as expanding the visibility of said members and other artists across the internet and physical world.

At its core, BCJ is a networking community and platform where our fellow creatives are encouraged to ask for help, advice, collaborate with one another, as well as showcase their skills, businesses, creative projects and much more both in and outside of the Land of the Rising Sun.

This site acts as an extension of the BCJ Facebook group with a more sleek and organized presentation for the sake of our readers’ enjoyment. Come follow us on our journey towards self fulfillment and actualization through the arts.

When you have the chance, please also refer to our previously written articles on blogger/author: Kirk Brown, businessman: Louis Kwame Boston and singer: J’Nique Nicole through the following link: https://blackcreativesjapan.goat.me

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Black Creatives Japan (BCJ)は、日本に来たい、住みたいと思っている、または現在住んでいるアフリカ系移民の芸術的才能を引き出し応援する、サポーターの集まりです。

フェイスブックのグループとして、2015年にBCJの発起人Ayana Wyseが立ち上げたことがきっかけとなり、#BlackExcellenceや#SupportBlackBusinessesなど、注目のハッシュタグトレンドに続くべく活動を開始しました。このようなハッシュタグはアメリカやイギリスをはじめ、インターネット基盤が無い東側以外のアフリカ諸国でも人気を集めています。




ご興味があれば、過去に掲載した記事(ブロガー兼著者:Kirk Brown、実業家:Louis Kwame Boston、歌手:J’Nique Nicole)もご一読ください。リンクはこちら:https://blackcreativesjapan.goat.me