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“Tell Me How to Get My Sh*t in Line”

まだまだ (mada), The Milkman’s not done just yet. Last week we caught you up on the release of Yung Students Loans’ new album I Stay Lonely (A True Romance) and now comes the highly anticipated music video for Get My Life in Line.

Get My Sh*t In Line sounds like a driving song where you have the open road and time to think. This is one where YSL creeps around his vulnerability giving power back to his former lover asking how he can do better. In the mind of YSL, he imagines a guy-meets-girl scenario and the music video but even in his daydreams, the vision within a vision and on a set of his own making at that, he doesn’t get the girl or get anything right it seems. 

Forever alone, I guess that’s what I get…” And ain’t that just the way, but at least for YSL, teaming up with director, Ernie Gilbert was a dream come true: 

“I’m used to always working in my own wheel house when it usually comes to music production, songwriting and overall sound design; when it comes to the visual elements like videos, I’ve always worked with a limited team like my close friends Lee and Shannon. Ernie has directed/edited an astonishing list of great music videos, and shorts so it was easy to hand over the keys to my creative world.

From the first time we sat down in my little oasis, Cafe Mak (pre-quarantine), and talked about the song, he understood the tongue-in-cheekness of not only the song, but how I conceptually build songs, which translated to his first shot ideas for the video. Ultimately, Ernie recognized that through all the self awareness, humor and mild self deprecation, GMSIL is really just a emo/pop/punk bedroom ballad about reminiscing about problems I caused myself *cries in Fall Out Boy* ” –YSL

The best music videos are the ones that work perfectly as both accompaniment to the music and as works of film art in and of themselves. Capturing the album’s mood and darkness; this video accomplishes precisely that. Check the video out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments! 

Producer : Alec Robbins
Director: Ernie Gilbert; @directedbyernie
DP: Eric Bader
1st AC: Alex Cameron 
Gaffer: Kyle Bard Reid
Key Grip: Jacques Shy
Swing: Patrick Lynch

PA: Eddie Gutierrez
PA: Andrew Johnson 
Wardrobe: Roxanne Turpen 
Makeup: Megan Wilbur
Editing: Jen Bryson 
Color: Jordan Branch
Cast: Rashida W.; @woodpea
Cast: Alex D.; @alexdayo