Illustrator & Designer: Alexander Ito

Trick-or-Treat, it’s October, people! There’s finally a crisp breeze in the air and we’re coming close to the end of a pretty rough typhoon season. There has been quite a lot of damage sustained in areas around the Kanto region by way of Typhoon Hagibis, which caused some high winds, flooding and even an earthquake in the Chiba Prefecture. Our hearts & prayers go out to all of those severely affected and recovering from the storm’s impacts. If possible, please consider contributing a donation to any relief funds for the survivors out there ( ;

Now moving on to some bloodcurdling business, y’all know that Halloween is right around the corner. So while you’re getting all prepped for candy, costumes, and the craziness to come, we at BCJ ask that you all stay safe, informed and absolutely get lit in whatever capacity in which you’re comfortable. Additionally, we’d also like you to keep in mind the vast array of events going on in Kansai, some of which are being organized by the members of yours truly!

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Before getting to all of that though, let’s introduce our next member in the spotlight for this month: Alexander Ito. Alex is known for his uniquely intricate and vibrant illustrations that are cool, clean, and simple in design, yet speak volumes. As is the case with many other creatives, he wears a few different hats and has dabbled in a bit of modeling, photography, and can strum a mean ukulele. If Alex wasn’t already on your radar, he definitely should be so read on and get to know a little more about this upcoming artist:


Black Creatives Japan: It’s pretty straightforward, but when did you first start drawing? Was it something you always did when you were a kid? Did you go through school and beyond wanting to become an illustrator?

Alexander Ito: I started drawing young at around 2 years old and was always encouraged by those around me. Having said that, once the time for choosing universities came around I was reluctant and afraid to apply to a university for Fine Arts and went elsewhere. Originally, I was looking at an international fashion school in Italy. In high school, I was interested in fashion, but it never lead to anything so I opted away from it for the reasons previously stated. I got a Liberal Arts degree ‘cause it was cheaper and because my mom kicked me out of the house, haha! I mainly came back to drawing later as a meditation of sorts.

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